The Friendly Flutter Conference in Stockholm, Sweden đź‘‹

Flutter & Friends is a dual track conference for the community by the community, taking place in Stockholm, Sweden on September 1-3rd 2024.

Besides learning from passionate and inspiring speakers you will be enjoying a pre-conference social day getting to know new friends as well as participate in hands-on workshops led by some of the community's top educators with a big prize hackathon at the end!

Whether you're a first-time visitor to Stockholm or a seasoned local, you'll have a blast exploring the city with new acquaintances through a carefully curated selection of social activities. From scenic bike tours and thrilling theme parks, to enlightening museum visits, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Sunday 1st of September – Social Events, Pre-party & Flutter Pub Quiz, Early Registration
Monday 2nd of September – Conference, Fika, Lunch, After Party
Tuesday 3rd of September – Hands-on workshops


Craig Labenz
Developer Relations Engineer at Google


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Vyacheslav Egorov
Uber-TL of Dart

Learning something about Dart performance by optimizing jsonDecode

This talks takes us on a journey through the layers of the cake called "Dart". We often hear that jsonDecode is slow in Dart - can we make it faster? Where do we start?

We will look at the Dart core libraries and how they implement jsonDecode. We will take that code for a spin with a profiler and learn how to diagnose performance issues using low-level tools.

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Darja Orlova
Creator of NativePal

Zero runtime errors: Exploring Static Code Analysis techniques in Flutter

If you ask a developer whether they would prefer to fix a bug or develop a new feature, there is no doubt they will select the latter.Unfortunately, bugs are part of the development cycle and are inevitable.Fortunately, there are techniques to predict and prevent them, even without running the code: with the help of static code analysis.Static code analysis is a powerful tool for finding and fixing potential errors even before compiling your code, making the cycle much faster and developers more productive. Moreover, the flexibility of this tool allows you to configure it in a way to not only control bugs but also code style and specific team practices.In this talk, we will do a deep dive into the world of static code analysis, exploring strategies on how to set it up to work best in your project, possibilities beyond `flutter_lints`, such as other libraries and 3rd party services like Dart Code Metrics, as well as what it takes to create your own custom lints for your library or app with tools such as `custom_lint`. By the end of this talk, you will be fully equipped to set up a robust static analysis system in your project and make your projects more reliable, consistent, and performant.

Darja Orlova

I'm an experienced Flutter developer, focused on creating my own apps, such as Bunny Search, an app to find cruelty-free brands, and NativePal, an AI-powered language learning app. Before going indie, I've worked in outsourcing agencies, creating apps in various domains for clients for 8+ years. An active community member: GDE in Flutter & Dart, WTM Ambassador, Flutterista and Flutter Riga organizer. I'm a technical writer, speaker & mentor. If I'm not writing code or participating in some Flutter meetup, you can usually find me reading a book or petting a stray cat :)

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Filip Hracek
Founder at Raindead

Flutter in the year 2044: Discussing a community plan for Flutter’s next 20 years

Flutter is open source, but it's still mainly a Google-driven project. Around 85% of active Flutter team devs are Googlers. Should we change this? Can we? Should there be a "Mozilla foundation" for Flutter?

To be clear, there is no indication that Google is dropping the ball. But since the projects has seen adoption so many businesses and people, maybe it's time for the community to take on a more active role?

The output of this workshop is a publicly shared document with ideas and TODO items (mostly for us, the community).

Filip Hracek

Filip is a Flutter game creator, open source developer and lecturer. You may know him from his time at Google.

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Roaa Khaddam
Flutter GDE, Software Engineer at Widgetbook

Using Physics for Realistic Flutter Animations

This is not about school physics, at least not directly, so please stay with me :D.

We already know that animated UIs with good UX in mind are always better than static, boring UIs that feel unnatural to interact with. And that piece of UI you animated already got a big upgrade. But what if when the user interacts with it, it responded similarly to how real life objects would respond? Well physics can make that happen! And in this talk, with example demos, I want to give you an overview of how you can make use of out-of-the-box Flutter APIs as well as the package ecosystem to create realistic scroll, touch, drag, and other animated user interactions and experiences.

Roaa Khaddam

Software Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Flutter & Dart, passionate about animation, generative art, content creation, open source, and speaking at tech events. Currently a Software Engineer at Widgetbook working on an open source product that aims to make Flutter developer’s life easier and the Widgetbook Cloud designer-developer collaboration platform.

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Majid Hajian

Practical Design Patterns for Flutter Development


Majid Hajian

Majid Hajian is an accomplished software architect and developer renowned for his expertise in designing intricate web and mobile applications. Recognized as a Google Developer Expert, he has received accolades as an author and is a respected instructor on platforms like Pluralsight and his YouTube channel. He is author of books.

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Pavel Sulimau
Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Systems

Code Quality Gates for Large-Scale Flutter Apps

I'll share insights on guidelines and tools to maintain the quality of a Flutter app.

The talk will cover code quality aspects:

- structural, like code reviews and various static code analysis techniques including architecture tests

- functional, such as automated testing.

Code quality is important for projects of any size, but it's crucial for large-scale ones where tens of Flutter developers may work for years.

Pavel Sulimau

Pavel is a knowledgeable software engineer with 10+ years of production experience in projects of various stacks and sizes.

He delivered applications on the Web, Windows Phone, Windows, iOS, and Android front-end and back-end sides.

In 2018, he came across Flutter and used it to build two pet mobile apps. Inspired by the technology, he decided to switch to full-time Flutter development in 2020, a decision with which he remains delighted.

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Akanksha Singh
Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Automating Accessibility Adoption in Flutter using Gemini AI

For years, accessibility features and experiences were seen as nice to have when it came to app development. Shockingly, many developers overlook this vital aspect, inadvertently excluding a significant user base. The World Health Organization reveals that about 15% of the global population, over a billion people, live with disabilities. In a digital age, it's unjust to marginalize this substantial demographic based on abilities.

This talk emphasizes the critical role of accessibility in mobile apps. By introducing the innovative use of Gemini AI as an AI-powered code assistance tool in IDEs like VS Code, we can address these issues head-on, ensuring that apps are accessible from the outset. Gemini AI serves as a game-changer, automating the detection and correction of accessibility issues in Flutter apps. This talk will empower developers and help them build apps that are inclusive and universally accessible.

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha is a Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase & Co., crafting engaging and innovative software solutions in the Asset and Wealth Management Line of Business. She has a keen interest in Flutter and enjoys building user-friendly and accessible applications. Her passion for Flutter has taken her to international conferences like FlutterHeroes, FlutterCon, and Flutter & Friends where she has shared her insights and expertise. Beyond her role, Akanksha is an avid participant in hackathons. Her passion for community building and mentorship has driven her to lead student communities at university and mentoring roles at prestigious hackathons like HackHarvard, Hack4Inclusion, HackTheNorth, DubHacks, CalHacks, and more. When she steps away from her keyboard, Akanksha finds solace in the timeless melodies of 60s-70s Hindi songs. She's an avid museum-goer, ignited by a deep passion for delving into art and history.

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Renan Araujo
Software Engineer at Superlist

Flutter web superfast: WASM

Understand how WASM compilation can turn the tables on the Flutter web performance front.

Renan Araujo

Loves to use programming to create user interfaces. Worked previously with the web and have been in love with Flutter since beta. Created and helped to maintain some open-source projects.

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Luan Nico
Maintainer at Blue Fire

Making a 3D game with Flutter and Flame

One year after my first talk exploring the realm of 3D within Flame, Flutter now has experimental support for first class GPU access for 3D rendering with Impeler.

In this talk we will explore that functionality using the `flame_3d` package to see what kind of simple 3D games are viable with Flame, learning the ropes around basic 3D rendering, camera, objects, and how to apply that to real life game development.

Luan Nico

I am the original author of Flame and one of the core members in the Blue Fire team, helping on my free time to maintain our ecosystem of packages including Flame, Audioplayers, and more.

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Kilian Schulte
Flutter Engineer at Workerbase

Inside Jaspr: Building a Dart web framework from scratch

Join me to take an inside look into Jaspr, the web framework for Dart developers. We will dive into the intricate details of the framework and how it works under the hood.
Learn how Jaspr is made and what it takes to develop a framework from scratch.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or newcomer to Dart, this session lets you step into the next area of Dart development – the web.

Kilian Schulte

Kilian is the author of the web framework Jaspr and passionate about everything regarding Dart especially beyond Flutter. In 2021 he created his first pub package called “dart_mappable” and is an active contributor to the Dart ecosystem. Engaging in his local community he gives talks and workshops about Dart and Flutter for students and fellow developers. He is working as a Flutter Engineer at Workerbase, focusing on cross-platform development and AI integrations. When he doesn’t wear his coding-hoodie, he can be seen jamming funky trombone solos or inline-skating along the river Isar.

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Social activities

One of the main goals of Flutter & Friends is providing an opportunity to meet new people from the community and explore the beautiful city of Stockholm. As an attendee, you get to participate in one of the social activities that we have in store for you and it's all included in your ticket! These activities will take place on Sunday 1st, a day before the conference track.

Skansen Zoo + Aquarium + Historic village tour

Spend an afternoon hanging out with the animals and experience Nordic culture at Skansen. Famous for its Zoo, Aquarium, reptiles, historic village and being the location for Swedens longest running musical TV-show AllsĂĄng pĂĄ Skansen, this place has everything for a fun & pleasant outdoor afternoon.

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Bouldering at Klättercentret

Want to try something active? At Klättercentret you're welcome as a seasoned boulderer, or a complete beginner. It's all fun & social and a must try!

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HeySthlm Arcade & VREX

Have a day of pure fun trying out Full-body tracking VR games before heading to HeySthlm, an arcade bar right in city center with pinball, rhythm, fighting, and racing games, as well as some of the quirkiest Japanese games you can come across!

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Stockholm City Bike Tour

Experience Stockholm from a native's point of view! The bike tour is a great opportunity to discover the city, be active, and make friends along the way! Join us for a tour around Stockholm's main islands, crossing bridges, parks, and some of the city's big attractions. Bikes are provided without additional costs, just bring yourself in good spirit!

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Gröna Lund Theme Park Pentathlon

What could be more fun than a day at an theme park? Located on Djurgården, a short walk from the city center is Stockholm's own theme park Gröna Lund. Compete with fellow attendees in a pentathlon of real-life mini games before checking out the breath-taking rides!

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Stockholm Islands Kayak Tour

Stockholm is often called Venice of the North because of its inner-city islands. Feeling active? Jump into a 2-seat kayak and explore the magnificence of Stockholm by water!

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More social activities to be announced

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Want to sponsor Flutter & Friends? We offer sponsor and exhibitor packages at different levels including for group tickets, social activities & parties, exhibition space on conference- and workshop day, diversity tickets & more.

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Venue & Location

Our talks and fikas will take place at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm's most central culture institution right on the square of Sergels Torg, next to the central station. From here you have easy access to most of Stockholm's public transportation and many of the capital's renowned landmarks, hotels and eateries within walking distance.

🍽 Dinner With Strangers

Flutter & Friends is all about meeting new people in the community. Part of this is our concept called Dinner With Strangers. It works like this: we reserve tables for six at our favorite restaurants around Stockholm and then we pair you up with five people you’ve never met before for a dinner. If you’re interested you can signup for one as the conference gets closer. This is of course optional. :)

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